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Millenium Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel, 5 Star

Millenium Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel, 5 Star

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Be our guest and feel the warmth of the home during your stay with us. We have a welcoming, multilingual cast and crew, 127 unique and chicly designed hotel rooms and a 24/7 fitness center for your convenience. Dine in style at Keros Restaurant, featuring excellent Turkish and international cuisine. Take advantage of meeting and event facilities at Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn that is ready to answer all your needs, featuring 4060 square feet (470 sqm) of flexible meeting rooms and conference venues, ideal for any event in Istanbul.
Istanbul is a city of action, history, and modernity. Our luxury hotel offers leisure and business travelers a front row seat to the heart of priceless and unique Golden Horn, the pearl of the famous Bosphorus. Our accommodation is located inside of Old Ottoman Street which features local and international brands including coffee shops and jewelry. Within walking distance and easy access, you’ll find every part of Istanbul. Just 10m away from the hotel, St. Mary of Blachernae Orthodox Church was built in the early 4th century and is accepted as the holiest place of Orthodox Christianity. Grand Bazaar and Suleymaniye Mosque are 4 km from the hotel. Nearby, you can visit Balat, the oldest living zone in Istanbul, where the unrenovated buildings still reflect the powerful past of this city. Chora Museum, Ayvansaray Deck, Halic Congress Centre, Rahmi Koc Museum, Fener – Rum

Holy Sanctuary of the Mother of God at Vlacherna

The best known and most celebrated shrine of the Holy Virgin in Constantinople was the church of Panagia (Mother of God) of Vlacherna. The history of the shrine, the fame of which had spread throughout the Christian world, extends over the entire Byzantine era, and the great events associated with it are linked with the history of the City. The first church at the site of the sacred spring was built between 450-453. Later the Hagiasma (fountain of holy water) and the Hagion Lousma (sacred bath) were added. A small chapel was built of the Hagia Soros to house the holy mantle and robe of the Virgin that had been brought from Palestine to Constantinople in 473. Like the Hagia Sophia, this church was a center of Orthodox worship.
Nothing remains of the original shrine except for the Sacred Spring. In 1867, a small church was built containing the hagiasma (Sacred Spring), and later additions were made to give the ancient sacred spring the aspect it has today.
Emperors often attended services at the Panagia of Vlacherna and showed their interest and respect for the shrine in many ways.


The Tomb of Companions

“Sahabeler Haziresi” (“The Tomb of Companions”), located next to the hotel, The area is home to the tomb of Abu Shaykh Al-Hudri, who was the milk brother of Prophet Muhammad.
Abu Shaykh Al-Hudri lived in the Hicaz by selling the vegetables. According to a rumor Hz. Ebu According to the statement of Hasırcızade HZ. In the year 49, Sufyan ibn Avf hz of the army in the nature of the age of 85-90 came to the conquest of Istanbul, Ayvansaray attacked by the arm was found in the attack and he was martyred. İbn Haceri Askalani says:Ed – Abu Sheikh El-hudri (r.a.). During the reign of Mughal, he joined the conquest of Istanbul with the armies of Islam and introduced himself in the vicinity of the fortification and said that he was Abu Sheikh in the Sahawah. Ayvansaray, also known as the Toklu grandfather’s cemetery for the sheriff of Abu-Hashqab, is also opposite Ya vedud mosque. Ottoman sources In this report, there are many companions who have conquered Istanbul. Therefore, here is also known as Sahabiler.In this chamber, there are also some of the soldiers of the Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. The lawyer Tokatlı Hekim Mustafa Efendi, such as Sergeant Sinan Ibn Iskender and the tomb of the tomb of this cemetery Toklu ibrahim dede’nin the sheriff is here.The first shrine to the tomb of Abu Zahari was built on the side of Fatih Sultan mehmet Han. Sultan II. In order to meet the needs of the tomb of Beyazıd, it has allocated allocations from its own foundation. Tomb again II. It was repaired in 1696-1697 at the time of Mustafa.Çorlulu Ali Pasha in 1711, a philanthropist in the name of Hafiz Mustafa Efendi in 1772 repair work has done for the mausoleum.The building today is II.

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Rates are confidential, quoted in Euro and are valid for per room/suite per night inclusive of 8 % VAT.
All above rates are non-comissionable.
Open Buffet Breakfast will be served as open buffet at The Keros All-Day Dinning Restaurant between 07:00 am – 10:30am. During the stay, if breakfast is ordered from in-room dining, the guest will be charged separately.
Any changes on local VAT or new added Taxes by government will be reflected to the rates.
Additional bed rate is 20,00 Euro.
Wired and wireless internet connection is included in the room rate.
Agency rates are not valid during citywide events and conventions.

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Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn is a historical hotel where eastern hospitality meets western comfort. Situated within the Byzantine Empire's last standing walls at the crossroads of three prime religions in the oldest living zone of Istanbul, our hotel is decorated with modern architecture inspired by the cosmopolitan style of cultures in harmony that lived here in peace for centuries.


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